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What good is a great depth of field if there is no adequate depth of feeling? 

Photographing is not only "point and click", but it is also attention to detail, patience, love and emotion.

And this is why Gianluca, thanks to his experience and creativity, will be able to capture the emotions and the most beautiful moments of your wedding with discretion and professionalism, enhancing the elegance and making your most beautiful day unique and exclusive.

Born in 1983, Gianluca learned the art of "documenting" by returning to the time range of those photographers who loved analogue photography so much
starting to shoot with film cameras.

After a few years, with the entry of digital photography, Gianluca rediscovers his innate passion by serving at some events and attending various refresher courses, thus expanding his professional baggage. 

Since 2012 Gianluca has embarked on a new adventure to the Island of Malta, where he develops a large part of his work juggling the various services of MATERNITY, FAMILY and WEDDING, thus earning the esteem of the Maltese people and the Italian community abroad.

Gianluca Barbanera

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